Employers can ban religious clothing and symbols says ECJ….

Article from – CIPD 14.03.17 Defeat for employees over right to wear Islamic headscarves; businesses must have ‘neutral’ dress code Employers are within their rights to ban political, philosophical or religious clothing or symbols in the workplace as long as it forms part of a dress code that requires staff to dress ‘neutrally’, according to a landmark European

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What does the leave vote mean for HR?

The CIPD have reported that: Holidays/Working time: Opt Outs – The UK’s statutory paid holidays (5.6 weeks) go beyond the EU minimum (20 days) and are unlikely to be repealed, but the government may wish to amend the rules on calculating holiday pay and on opting out of the 48-week. Equality: compensation cap – We

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Brexit and HR

On 23 June the UK voted in the EU Referendum to leave the European Union. While it’s not clear yet how, when or what amendments will be made to workplace law, it is possible to predict those areas that are the most likely to change. Withdrawal process – The process for leaving will be triggered by

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