HR Services: HR and You

Our HR Services were created to provide small businesses access to a level of HR Management support they may not normally be able to afford on a full time basis.

Do You Need My Help Ltd takes great pride in providing the highest level of support and service that companies need – when they need it.  Our expertise and experience is designed to keep your business on track with remaining legally compliant and maintaining business objectives (both long and short term targets) at a cost effective price in comparison to solicitors (who have not worked on the coal face of most businesses).

9 times out of 10 a solicitor (who are knowledgeable in employment law) will never have physically taken an employee through a complete grievance or disciplinary procedure and therefore will only tell a company what the “law” says it can do and therefore not provide the client with all of the options available to them.

Whilst we would never break the law, treat an individual unfairly or without dignity, we understand the need to be able to deal with individual situations quickly, effectively and within a time frame that is acceptable to a client.

Why Outsource HR?

Whether you run a small business or a FTSE 100 company, your employee related issues can be both complicated and demanding.  The real difference is the limited resources (time, money and trained people) the small employer has to address them:

  • Employment Law Compliance and the ongoing changing requirements
  • Employee Performance Improvement & Management
  • Employee absences from work
  • Employee grievances
  • General issues that arise when employing people
  • Assist the Company with reducing the risk of Employment Tribunals

For most small businesses the responsibility for HR Advice & Administration falls onto the Payroll Administrator or someone else in the Finance Department, which leaves some of the more complex HR activities sitting with the Directors of the organisation. This distracts them from running the business.

Our Services

We work in partnership with all our clients, understanding their individual business needs, strategies and values.  By working together, we can ensure you have more time to concentrate on what you do best – growing your business!

Advice and Support on all employment issues

Do You Need My Help can offer common sense advice to businesses on areas such as managing poor or inadequate performance, managing sickness short/long term absence issues, grievances, disciplinary issues, and including advice, support and guidance on terms and conditions of employment, employee consultations on changes and reductions in headcounts, etc.

We can provide our clients with access to a Consultant who will be available to them via email and phone.  This consultant will spend time on site with a client, getting to know them, their business and ensuring that the Client has a base level knowledge of what they have to do and say when dealing with employee issues.

HR Administration Service

Preparation of all employee administration throughout the Employee Life-cycle, i.e. from Recruitment to end of employment


Whilst the majority of our services are offered virtually, we recognise that a client may want support onsite.  All retained clients have this built into their package but other clients can benefit from this service on a pay as you need basis (for e.g. a client may require assistance with investigating a disciplinary or grievance issue or managing a redundancy project).

Preparation of Company specific HR documents

We will always ensure a client is compliant in terms of their processes and documentation and this can be done via consultancy time (if a client doesn’t have someone in house to prepare the HR documentation) or can be done via our online HR Shop, which provides the client with an opportunity to purchase a policy and fill in the blanks themselves.

Do You Need My Help?

Because we offer a ‘virtual’ service, we can provide complete coverage across the whole of the UK and Europe.  If you feel you and your business could benefit from some leading expert HR advise or support, why not contact us today?

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